Islamic Architectural and Traditional Mosque (Grand Masjid Dubai)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Grand Mosque Dubai is counted among one of the largest mosques (with a capacity to accommodate up to 1200 worshippers) in United Arab Emirates. Originally constructed in traditional Islamic architectural style and opened in 1900 A.D as a kuttab (Quranic school) where children learnt to recite the Quran from memory, the Grand Mosque of Dubai was rebuilt (maintaining the style of the original Grand Mosque) in 1998 and now boasts a 70 meters (231ft) high minaret- the tallest minaret in Dubai.

Situated on the Bur Dubai side of the creek, near the Ruler's Court, the Grand Mosque consists of 45 small domes in addition to 9 large ones boasting stained glass panels, sand-colored walls and wooden shutters. It is the main center of worship and important monument of Dubai.

The new Grand Mosque's sand-colored walls and wooden shutters blend perfectly with the surrounding old quarter of Bur Dubai, is known for its size and elaborate design. The best time to see it is at night, when it is spectacularly lit up.

The Grand Mosque of Dubai is done up in Persian style as it contains blue mosaic type work, domes and sand hued facades. The mosque also contains handmade stained glass and wooden structures.

Non- Muslims are not allowed entry in the Grand Mosque. But they can visit the minaret and click picture of the mosque from therein.